Slow-Baked Dill Salmon


Protect your heart and boost your immune system with this flavor-packed fish dish. Perfect for a bigger group or a quick dinner on a busy weeknight, this recipe is incredibly simple without sacrificing taste. Get the recipe.

Tahini Dressing

AP_07_29_2014_62245184_XL Skip the bottled stuff and whip up this low-cal dressing you can use for salads, meat and veggies. Tahini is packed with vitamins and high in calcium, making it a healthier replacement for heavy, creamy sauces. Get the recipe.

Peach-Hemp Smoothie


Stone fruits are packed with nutrients, which is why this smoothie is perfect while they are in ripe season. Plus, the addition of hemp fills this smoothie with tons of nutrients. The bonus? The sweet flavor will make you feel like this is an extra-sepcial indulgence. Get the recipe.