Sharecare Top 5: Answers to Your Ebola Questions, Halloween Costume Hazards and Foods for Sizzling Sex


On Sharecare we’re keeping you up to speed on everything Ebola-related, sharing important health facts about the novelty contact lenses often worn with Halloween costumes, and revealing which foods can spice up your sex life.

1. Ebola news is everywhere and many people are worried about the spread of this deadly virus from West Africa. We’re here to make sure you’ve got the latest news and expert answers for your Ebola concerns.

2. Your favorite doctors are at it again: Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen are filling you in on the benefits of music for your mind, body and spirit (especially your competitive spirit).

3. Before you add zombie- or cat-like eyes to your Halloween costume, find out the scary truth about novelty contact lenses and the frightening risks they can pose to your eye health.

4. Heat up your love life by taking a walk down the aisle — the grocery aisle, that is. Next time you’re at the store, pick out these natural aphrodisiacs that’ll get both you and your partner in the mood back at home.

5. While mental health awareness has improved over the years, many people still aren’t sure how to respond when a friend or family member has a mental health condition. Be a shoulder to lean on with these six ways to be supportive.

Sharecare Top 5: Ebola Virus Update, How Sunshine Boosts Mood, Benefits of Busy Hospitals


On Sharecare we’re keeping you informed on the latest Ebola news, shining some light on how sunshine can make you happy, and revealing why busy emergency rooms may give better care.

1. Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gives the 411 on how close we are to developing a vaccine for Ebola.

2. Get the scoop from Dr. Oz, MD and Dr. Roizen, MD and on how soaking up sunshine can give you a burst of energy, better sleep and more alertness throughout your day.

3. When a medical emergency happens, do you go to a large ER where the waiting room always seems crowded? Or do you head to the quieter one where you could be seen more quickly? The busier emergency room may be your best bet. Find out why.

4. You know that eating right and exercising can help you stay healthy, but that’s not all it takes to live longer and look better. Watch this video from Dr. Oz, MD, to learn which bad habits to nix.

5. Prevent future age-related vision problems with these two easy tips from Dr. Roizen, MD, to protect your eyes and keep them youthful.

Sharecare Top 5: Tips for Better Sex, 5 Weight Loss Myths Busted, How to Ease Knee Pain

Scales for determining the weight of the body.

On Sharecare we’re revealing secrets to a great sex life at any age, debunking common weight loss myths, helping you ease your achy knees – and more.

1. Is your love life raging or fading? Either way, spice up your routine with these seven surefire solutions to take your sex life to the next level.

2. We’re setting the record straight on weight loss fact and fiction so that you can successfully shed those extra pounds and keep them off.

3. If you’re one of the millions of Americans with knee osteoarthritis (OA), find out how a knee brace can help re-align your joints, decrease your knee pain and help you stay active.

4. Heartburn, or heart problem? It can be hard to tell them apart. Learn which symptoms tend to be more common with each condition and how you should act if you’re having chest pains.

5. Avoid the sting of dry eyes with these simple tips to soothe itchy, irritated eyes from America’s favorite doctors, Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Michael Roizen.

Sharecare Top 5: The Latest on Ebola, Ways to Slow Hair Loss and the Cancer-Busting Benefits of Exercise

Loss hair comb in women hand

On Sharecare we’ve got your health news covered with updates on the Ebola virus, four tricks to reduce hair loss and how exercise can help you fend off breast cancer.

1. Ebola’s been the global hot topic for a few months, but since the CDC confirmed the first U.S. case last week, this news hits closer to home. From how it spreads to who’s at risk, get the latest on this deadly disease.

2. Noticing more hair in the shower drain these days? No need to panic. Whether you’re a man or a woman, watch this video by Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, to get the scoop on how to keep your hair from falling out – regardless of your age.

3. We’re kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with some good news: Research shows that an hour of exercise every day may help keep breast cancer at bay. Even more encouraging? You can reap the benefit regardless of what age or weight you are when you start becoming active.

4. Stress isn’t just increasing your blood pressure and anxiety – it may also be widening your waistline. For a healthier, happier and thinner you, follow these tips from Dr. Oz and Michael Roizen, MD, to tame chronic stress and avoid belly fat.

5. You may be quick to blame your year-round allergies on the weather, mold or dust. But there are some pretty unusual triggers that could be setting off your coughing and sneezing. Watch out for these unexpected causes of allergy flare-ups.

Sharecare Top 5: How to Improve Heart Health, Game-Day Food Swaps and What You Should Know About Vaccinations

A doctor with stethoscope examining red heart

On Sharecare we’re keeping you in the know about essential health info. Find out why it’s never too late to get heart healthy, the dangers of skipping childhood vaccinations, easy ways to avoid weight-gain this football season and more. Check out five of our latest posts.

  1. Do you smoke cigarettes, watch a lot of TV or indulge in unhealthy foods a bit too much? Good news: Your favorite doctors Dr. Oz, MD, and Dr. Roizen, MD, reveal how nixing unhealthy habits can actually reverse the damage they do to your heart.
  2. Even if your child has been vaccinated, immunity can wear off. Get the facts on how your vigilance can prevent your child from bringing home a preventable illness.
  3. Want to enjoy the flavor of hot wings, beer and other football favorites, but somehow keep calories in check? We can help! Try our Armchair Quarterback Diet for healthier food and drink alternatives.
  4. Cooler weather has its perks, but it also means the start of cold and flu season. Add this fruit to your daily diet for a tasty way to strengthen your immune system.
  5. If you have irritable bowel disease (IBD), listen up: Higher levels of vitamin D may help keep cancer at bay. Find out how the sunshine vitamin can lower your cancer risk and why you should include it in your IBD treatment plan.

Sharecare Top 5: Hidden Fat Traps, Late-Night-Texting Woes and How Your Man’s Health Could Support Marital Bliss

happy couple in bed

On Sharecare we’re revealing sneaky sources of saturated fat, the trouble with teens’ late-night texting and what to do if your man’s grumpy attitude is bringing down your marriage. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. Even if you’ve ditched dairy and cut way back on red meat, you’re likely chowing down on more saturated fat than you think. Here’s Dr. Oz’s list of the top five offenders.

2. From sleep-texting to cyberbullying, get the 411 on how middle-of-the-night cellphone use can be influencing your teen’s mental health, REM cycle and concentration.

3. Men: According to a recent study, your health status and attitude may be putting a damper on your marriage. Find out how and ways to rekindle the romance.

4. Could your complexion use a pick-me-up? Watch this video for an easy plan, from the best skin-care products to the right way to moisturize, for radiant skin.

5. Most people don’t take their heartburn meds correctly. Don’t be one of them. If you suffer from heartburn or GERD, avoid the common mistakes with these tips on how to get the relief you need.

Sharecare Top 5: Enterovirus Facts, How Coffee Fights Cancer, Stopping “Sex Headaches” and More


On Sharecare, we’re filling you in on the enterovirus outbreak, how your morning brew can be good for you and ways to avoid those weird sex headaches. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. Enterovirus is everywhere on the news. Should you be worried? Get informed on the respiratory illness and learn effective ways to protect your family.

2. Men: Grab some coffee and listen up. In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, we’re telling you how that cup of coffee could be a secret weapon to fight prostate cancer.

3. Are you among the unfortunate few who get sex headaches? Get the scoop on why they may happen and how to stop them.

4. You rely on sight to experience the world and communicate with others. Take care of one of your most important senses and keep your eyes healthy with these ten sight-saving tips.

5. Think you’re hitting the gym hard? A recent study suggests you may not be doing as much as you thought. Boost your benefits with these ways to get the most from each workout.


Sharecare Top 5: What You Should Know About Ovarian Cancer, Your Child and the ER, the Power of Positive Thinking and More


On Sharecare this week, we’re filling you in on ways to prevent ovarian cancer, how to create an emergency caregiver plan, and the perks of seeing the glass as half full. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. September marks the beginning of Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. From lowering risk factors to prevention and early detection, here are the top five things every woman needs to know about ovarian cancer.

2. Do you know what paperwork to leave with your caregiver when you’re away? Use this checklist as a guide to ensure that – in the event of an emergency – your child can get the best and fullest care possible.

3. Just reminding yourself to think more positively is often all it takes to be happier, science says. Find out how you can roll back your RealAge, increase your happiness quotient and live a longer life with these six ways optimism boosts your health.

4. Some of your favorite fruits can help nourish your skin, prevent wrinkles and even provide extra sun protection. Watch this short video as Barbara Ficarra, RN, explains which three delicious fruits can help boost your skin health.

5. Dating news for men: A recent study found that the taller you are, the safer she feels. But the truth is, there’s a lot more to attraction than height. Whether you’re short or tall, find out what you can do to win her over with these two ways to get her attention.

Sharecare Top 5: Avoid Medication Mix-ups, Tips for a Safe Labor Day, Everyday Foods Loaded with Sugar

Colored pills, tablets and capsules

On Sharecare we’re giving you the 411 on ways to deal with medication mix-ups, tips to avoid the ER this Labor Day, some surprising foods that are packed with sugar and more. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. Ever pick up your medication from the pharmacy only to realize at home that it doesn’t look like what you usually take? Spare yourself from pill-refill anxiety with these practical ways to avoid future medication mix-ups.

2. Have a safe and happy holiday with your loved ones with these smart tips to stay out of the ER this Labor Day from emergency room physician Darria Long Gillespie, MD.

3. Did you know that some foods that you thought were healthy may actually contain more sugar than a Krispy Kreme doughnut? Discover which six everyday foods have a shockingly high amount of sugar.

4. Ladies, check out this new study that explains why the different qualities you look for in your man may be based on your ovulation cycle. Men, find out what you can do to understand and successfully deal with these changes in your partner – all month long.

5. Acid reflux isn’t pleasant, and if it happens to you more than twice a week you may be one of the millions of Americans suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Keep your symptoms under control with these seven strategies to fight GERD.

Sharecare Top 5: Eating Well on a Budget, Best Apps for Your Health, Adult Vaccines You Need

Flu Shot

On Sharecare we’re dishing out tips to eat a nutritious diet on a budget, the best health apps for your busy lifestyle, why you’re not done with vaccines just yet and more. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. You don’t have to choose between eating healthy and saving money. Now you can do both. Robin Miller, MD, shares three simple grocery shopping tips that won’t break the bank.

2. Still trying to figure out how to lose weight or why you have that lingering cough? Find answers to your health questions in the palm of your hand – with your smartphone. From fitness trackers to symptom checkers, emergency room physician Darria Long Gillespie, MD, gives you a roundup of the latest health and wellness apps.

3. Thought you were done with immunizations just because you’re an adult? Think again. From the flu shot to the vaccine that protects against whooping cough, we’ve got the scoop on which immunizations and booster shots you need – and when.

4. There’s a lot of misinformation about lice, from how they spread to how they’re treated. We’re here to separate fact from fiction and show you the most effective ways to treat and prevent a lice infestation this back-to-school season.

5. Managing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) can be hard. If you or someone you know has Crohn’s disease or ulcerative colitis, the two most common forms of IBD, check out this guide for advice on healthy food choices, important warning signs, treatment options and everyday tips to lead a more comfortable life.