Sharecare Top 5: The Health Benefits of Happiness, a Simple Stress-Buster, and 8 Yoga Poses for Strong, Toned Legs

forward bend yoga pose

This week on Sharecare we’re giving out tips to ease daily stress, sharing ways to help your feet look good naked and helping you get the summer beach legs you’ve always wanted.

1. You’ve heard about the damaging impact that negative emotions can have on your health, but are you aware of how a happy mood can boost your overall wellness? Discover how a sunny disposition can shine rays for better heart health, a stronger immune system and more.

2. Everyone has a bad day now and then, but you shouldn’t let that stress overwhelm you. Check out these surprisingly easy ways to tackle the tension and better manage your everyday stress.

3. Do you have pretty feet? Or do you prefer to keep them covered up? Watch this video to learn three simple tips to keep your feet groomed and pain-free so you’ll want to show them off.

4. The U.S. Department of Agriculture recently released its 2015 Dietary Guidelines — a healthy-diet blueprint that affects everything from school lunch menus to the dietary advice your doctor gives you. Find out what Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen think about the recommendations, as well as tips to eat healthier.

5. Summer is in full swing and that means cooler, lightweight clothes. But if you’re lacking the confidence to wear that summer skirt or those breezy shorts, your wardrobe may be limited. Shape up in no time — and boost your confidence — by following this simple yoga routine for leaner, sexier legs.

Sharecare Top 5: Eat Smart at Summer Parties, Live Better With RA Pain, and 6 Surprising Ways to Get Happy

Family having a barbecue party

This week on Sharecare, we’re helping you stay slim for swimsuit season, reduce rheumatoid arthritis aches, and get your sleep cycle back on track.

1. With nicer weather and longer days, summer is the perfect time for pool parties and outdoor festivities. But all that fun usually goes hand in hand with lots of food. Learn ways to make smart eating choices and still enjoy yourself at all your summer gatherings.

2. Trying to boost your mood? It doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover six little things you can do every day to bring more joy into your life and increase your happiness levels.

3. The phrase “no pain, no gain” doesn’t apply to strength training. When you work out your muscles, the exercises need to be challenging to get results — but not to the point where it’s painful. Watch this video for expert advice on how to practice resistance training safely.

4. When it comes to rheumatoid arthritis, a proactive approach to your pain is better than ignoring the symptoms. Check out these self-care tips that’ll help you ease inflammation, lower fatigue, and find relief.

5. Are you having trouble getting some shut-eye? Your fast-paced lifestyle may be to blame. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen offer simple sleep strategies to get the ZZZs you need.

Sharecare Top 5: Small Changes for Big Weight Loss, Tracking Your Psoriasis Triggers, and 6 Signs Your Child Should Go to the ER


This week on Sharecare we’re helping you spot symptoms in your little one that may mean an ER trip, make smarter eating choices to cut calories and manage your psoriasis pains.

1. A sick child can be a scary thing — especially for new parents. Often you only need to make a quick call to your pediatrician, but when certain signs and symptoms strike, it may be time to head to the hospital. Learn what you should watch out for when you have a child feeling under the weather.

2. Controlling your psoriasis flare-ups and symptoms can be tough. One of the easiest ways to better manage your condition is by keeping tabs on what triggers them. Try these three smart tracking strategies and become better equipped to speak to your doctor about treatment.

3. Losing weight doesn’t have to mean eating foods that taste like cardboard. Check out these mealtime tricks — from ditching white bread to picking the right fruit — that can help you eat healthier and slim down.

4. Need some fitness inspiration? Discover what these Sharecare experts have to say about staying active during the summer and get the scoop on how you can shape up and feel great, too.

5. Being a caregiver to someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult. Find out how you can better respond to your loved one’s RA pain with these four caregiving tips and tricks.

Sharecare Top 5: Fourth of July Safety Tips, Migraine Maintenance Quiz, and a Quick Tip to Sleep Easier Tonight

older woman sleeping

This week on Sharecare we’re preparing you for a safer holiday, helping you improve your eye health and testing your knowledge on mind-blowing migraines.

1. Don’t let minor mishaps – think mosquito bites and sparkler burns – ruin your Independence Day celebrations. Instead, check out these five ways to have an awesome – and safe – Fourth of July.

2. Did you know that about one in three women in the U.S. will have a hysterectomy before age 60? If you’re considering getting a hysterectomy, get the facts on whether you really need it – and what to expect during and after the procedure.

3. Head-splitting migraines are more than just painful – they’re almost unbearable. Take our quiz to see what you know about migraines and find out the best ways to ease the throbbing aches.

4. Trouble sleeping? Try this to get some shut-eye tonight: Go for a walk! Watch this video to learn why it helps and discover other cardio activities that are good for deeper sleep.

5. It’s not always easy to tell how healthy your eyes are. Take our assessment to receive personalized recommendations to protect your vision and reduce your risk of common eye problems.

Sharecare Top 5: Stay Fit While Traveling, Proven Ways to Lose Weight, and the Latest News on the Trans Fats Ban

Sunbathing girl

This week on Sharecare we’re helping you shed those last pounds, keeping you updated on the most recent disease outbreak and giving you tips to stay in shape during your next business trip.

1. Summer bodies are usually made in the winter, but if you want to have a beach-ready bod now — it’s not too late. Lose weight with these simple slim-down strategies that will have you excited about getting into that bikini.

2. MERS — short for Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome — is the latest deadly virus making global headlines. But should you be worried? Find out more about the cases in Korea and China and if MERS is a threat here.

3. While it’s been talked about for years, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) officially announced its decision to bar artificial trans fats from processed foods. Get the details on what this means for the future of your health — and which common foods may still contain trans fats.

4. Whether you’re traveling for business or for pleasure, it can be tough to get in a workout on the go. But what about that downtime between flights? Check out these toning and stretching moves that you can squeeze in during a layover.

5. Grandparents have a special bond with their grandchildren, but they may not have the latest safety information to take care of them effectively. If you’re a grandparent, get up to speed on updated health and safety guidelines you may not know.

Sharecare Top 5: 14 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories, Summer Pool Safety Tips and a Tip to Boost Your Immune System

Beatiful Brunette Playing in the Pool

This week on Sharecare, we’re filling you in on eight surprising migraine triggers, helping you slim down with activities that will torch calories and telling you how to keep your swimming pool safe for the whole family.

1. Losing weight can sometimes feel like a chore – but we’re here to show you how it can actually be enjoyable. Discover how long you need to walk, jog, swim and do other surprisingly fun exercises to burn 100 calories.

2. You’re probably familiar with the head-pounding pain of a migraine, but do you know what’s behind it? Uncover unusual causes – and learn how to prevent migraine pain.

3. Has it been a while since you’ve gotten a physical? Don’t let that deter you from going to see the doctor. Check out these tips to being proactive about your health and how to get the most out of your upcoming visit.

4. Having the daily debate on whether to hand-wash your dirty dishes or stick them in the dishwasher? Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen explain why you may want to opt for hand-washing for better health and a stronger immune system.

5. Whether you’re taking a dip in your own backyard or making a splash in the neighborhood pool, it’s important to ensure that the water is clean and sanitary. Watch this video to learn how to keep the pool safe for swimmers of all ages.

Sharecare Top 5: 3 Myths About Sunshine, 5 Ways to Pay Less for Medications and Easy Yoga Poses for Arthritis Pain Relief

forward bend yoga pose

This week on Sharecare we’re shining some light on false truths about sun safety, helping you cut Rx costs and offering sweet solutions to cut sugar addictions.

1. While there’s no shortage of information on how to stay safe in the sun, some facts tend to get skewed. Discover which common assumptions about sunlight aren’t true, as well as ways to protect your skin year-round.

2. Worried about how much money good health is costing you? While it may be good to cut back in certain areas of your life, experts recommend you not skip out on much-needed medications. Save money without sacrificing your health with these tips to reduce your prescription drug costs.

3. If you have a sweet tooth that just won’t quit, you know how easy one dessert can turn into many more. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen dish out simple strategies to curb sugar cravings and stay on track with healthy eating.

4. Living with arthritis? You may want to consider yoga. Studies have found that a majority of arthritis sufferers who took yoga classes experienced less pain, swelling — and even reduced stress! Ease your stiffness, improve flexibility and boost your mood with these eight yoga poses.

5. If you’ve got a busy work life — and let’s face it, who doesn’t — it can be easy to find reasons why you shouldn’t work out. But you don’t need to let excuses take over your exercise routine. Here are five easy ways to find time for fitness from Darria Long Gillespie, MD.

Sharecare Top 5: The Buzz on Insect Bites and Stings, How to Stay Productive at Work with Psoriatic Arthritis, Tips to Curb Overeating and More

Business woman working at the office

This week on Sharecare we’re teaching you how to decipher between a harmless insect bite and a dangerous one, giving tips to get through a workday if you have psoriatic arthritis pain and offering a simple trick to eat better and lose weight – right in time for swimsuit season.

1. One second you’re enjoying a relaxing picnic with your family but then out of nowhere – you’ve been stung by a bug. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, explains how to know whether it’s a serious medical problem, when to see your doctor and tips to protect yourself in the future.

2. Have an appointment with the dermatologist? It always helps to be prepared. Whether you’re going for a rash, acne or a skin cancer exam, follow these simple steps to make the most out of your visit.

3. If you’re trying to lose weight, you probably know that it’s all too easy to break your diet and overindulge in tasty treats. Watch this video to learn how to finally curb the cycle of binge eating and make weight loss more enjoyable.

4. Living with psoriatic arthritis? Your symptoms can make getting through the workday a slog. Check out seven things you can do to help manage your disease and its effects on your day-to-day life, including when it comes to work.

5. Keeping your heart healthy is serious business, but it can also be fun. Don’t miss these five surprisingly pleasant ways — including getting a little sun and taking a trip — to show your heart some extra love.

Sharecare Top 5: Stroke Risk Factors Women Should Know, Dr. Oz’s Favorite Veggie Burger Recipes and How to Spot Skin Cancer


This week on Sharecare, we’re recognizing American Stroke Month by helping women understand risk factors, dishing on three delicious but healthy veggie burger recipes and teaching you how to identify potentially cancerous moles.

1. Did you know that women have higher odds of stroke in their lifetime than men? And while some risk factors can’t be controlled – such as race or age – there are things you can do to lower your chances of having one. Click through to find out your risk – as well as ways to prevent it.

2. If you’re looking to stay slim this bathing-suit season, you may have already slashed burgers from your diet list. But don’t give up on them just yet. Check out these three healthy veggie burgers that will satisfy any burger craving without upping your waistline.

3. Is that suspicious mole melanoma – or the less alarming basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma? Find out how to detect what could be a cancerous mole or lesion with this simple guide.

4. Are you and your hubby thinking about trying for a baby? You should start treating your body like it’s pregnant at least three months before conceiving. Discover 11 things you should do to get healthy before getting pregnant.

5. You know it’s important to stay in shape year-round, but it can be tough to deal with the heat from the summer months. Try cycling. It’s a fun workout option that can help you stay cool. Watch this video to learn how cycling for just five minutes a day can boost your fitness and even help with weight loss.

Sharecare Top 5: Avoid Common Sun Protection Pitfalls, Healthy Vision Tips for Your Child, What to Expect in the ER and More

Slim woman applying sunscreen

This week on Sharecare we’re giving you nine pointers to steer clear of sunscreen mistakes, giving you a behind-the-scenes look at the inner workings of an ER and filling you in on the bird flu — the latest virus making headlines.

1. You already know about the importance of sunscreen, but are you putting it on correctly? Check out these sunscreen mishaps — from not applying enough to skipping application on cloudy days — and expert tips to avoid them.

2. The emergency room can be a scary and confusing experience. Darria Long Gillespie, MD, puts your worries to rest and answers some of the most common questions about the ER.

3. The worst bird flu epidemic in U.S. history is happening now and everyone is taking about it. But is the H5N1 virus a threat to people? Find out if you should be worried and get tips to protect yourself.

4. May is Healthy Vision Month. Want to help your child see clearer? Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen offer tips to make sure your little one’s eyes are healthy, as well as what to do if your child has vision problems.

5. Chronic plaque psoriasis is no walk in the park. But if you live with the skin condition, flaking and inflammation might not be the only health issues. Learn what else you should keep an eye on.