Our Best New Year’s Resolutions


If you haven’t yet made a few healthy resolutions this year, it’s still not too late. Here’s what we at Sharecare are aiming to do in 2016:

1. Take 10. All it takes is just 10 minutes a day (or less!) for a healthier, happier you. Check out this video with Deepak Chopra for a simple meditation routine to start your day. For more 10-minute tips, visit Sharecare on Facebook.

2. Grow younger. Are you younger – or older – than your calendar years? While you can’t literally turn back the clock, there are certain changes – like eating better and exercising – that can help shave years off your body’s RealAge. Check out these five ways to live longer and healthier.

3. Sleep better tonight. Poor sleep habits can lead to increased anxiety, stress, depression and a whole lot more. Watch this video for easy tips on how to get more ZZZs, and say sayonara to bad sleep patterns.

4. Lose that belly fat – for good. You don’t have to start a fancy diet to ditch that unwanted spare tire. Try these smart tips to slim your waist and blast dangerous belly flab.

5. Listen to your body. If you’re like most of us, you probably don’t talk to your doctor about every little ache and pain. Learn the arthritis symptoms you should speak up about in this video with Paula Radcliff, MD.