Sharecare Top 5: Secrets for Sound Sleep

Can’t sleep? It could be for lots of reasons: Job stress, money woes, the changing seasons – heck, you can even lose sleep over losing sleep. These Top 5 Sharecare resources will help you sleep tight tonight.

1. Try the Natural Approach: You don’t need heavy drugs to get a good night’s rest, says Sharecare expert Mike Dow, PsyD.  Herbals supplements such as L-theanine and passion flower can often do the trick. Dr. Dow also shares his tips on how to tune out the outside world to get some shut-eye.

2. Is It a Sleep Disorder? We all have trouble falling asleep now and then – but sometimes it’s serious. Get the facts by visiting the Sharecare Sleep Disorders Center. You can take the Sleep Health Assessment to learn your risk for a sleep disorder.

3. Be a Quiz Master: How can texting interfere with sleep? What kind of jammies can help you sleep? Take the Sharecare Sleep Quiz to learn the answer – and find out more about how we sleep and how we can sleep better.

4. Out Like a Light: We’ve all been there – the tossing and turning, the staring at the clock. Bring on the sandman with these three surprising tips from Sharecare expert Kevin Soden, MD.

5. Dream a Little Dream: Where your brain goes at night can tell you a lot about your health and what’s on your mind. Take the Dreams & Your Health quiz to find out what your dreams may  mean – and what they say about your well-being.