Sharecare Top 5: 14 Easy Ways to Burn 100 Calories, Summer Pool Safety Tips and a Tip to Boost Your Immune System

Beatiful Brunette Playing in the Pool

This week on Sharecare, we’re filling you in on eight surprising migraine triggers, helping you slim down with activities that will torch calories and telling you how to keep your swimming pool safe for the whole family.

1. Losing weight can sometimes feel like a chore – but we’re here to show you how it can actually be enjoyable. Discover how long you need to walk, jog, swim and do other surprisingly fun exercises to burn 100 calories.

2. You’re probably familiar with the head-pounding pain of a migraine, but do you know what’s behind it? Uncover unusual causes – and learn how to prevent migraine pain.

3. Has it been a while since you’ve gotten a physical? Don’t let that deter you from going to see the doctor. Check out these tips to being proactive about your health and how to get the most out of your upcoming visit.

4. Having the daily debate on whether to hand-wash your dirty dishes or stick them in the dishwasher? Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen explain why you may want to opt for hand-washing for better health and a stronger immune system.

5. Whether you’re taking a dip in your own backyard or making a splash in the neighborhood pool, it’s important to ensure that the water is clean and sanitary. Watch this video to learn how to keep the pool safe for swimmers of all ages.