Sharecare Top 5: 5 Things You Should Know About the Zika Virus, One Simple Way to Boost Intimacy, and Cold-Weather Workout Tips

Couple in bed

This week on Sharecare we’re giving you the latest on the Zika virus, sharing some surprising insights about which couples have the least sex and – if you skip regular flossing – giving you yet another reason to reach for the string (hint: it helps your ticker, too!).

1. You’ve most likely seen headlines advising pregnant women to avoid certain parts of Central and South America for fear of the Zika virus. Find out why this tropical virus – which rarely causes symptoms — is so dangerous, and why experts believe the mosquitoes that carry it could end up in the US.

2. Fascinating new research reveals that couples with this one thing in their bedroom have 50% less sex than those who don’t. (Really!) Discover what it is – plus simple ways to turn up the heat with your partner.

3. Can exercising in the cold make you sick? What if you already have a cold or the flu – should you skip your workout? Get answers to these and other questions to stay fit and healthy during this cold and flu season.

4. Taking good care of your teeth does much more than keep your breath fresh and gums healthy. In this video, Oz explains the connection between your mouth and common health risks. .

5. Are nuts a part of your diet? If not, you may want to add them to your grocery list. See this slideshow to learn which delicious nuts are the most nutritious – and how much to eat to gain the benefits.