Sharecare Top 5: 5 Ways to Stop Mindless Eating, 6 Ailments That Call For an Antibiotic, and the 411 on the Latest Cancer Therapy


Don’t miss Sharecare’s latest wellness tips to help you and your family stay healthy:

1. Tame everyday tension with just one simple tip a day. You’ll feel relaxed and recharged — and even lower your RealAge by up to 13 days! Get started with our Stress Less Challenge.

2. Spring brings warm weather, longer days and – unfortunately – higher pollen counts. Watch this video to find out which food can help ease sneezing and sniffling this allergy season.

3. Research shows that distracted dining can lead to poor food choices and added pounds. Check out five ways to stop mindless eating and avoid calorie overload.

4. Feeling under the weather? While your first instinct may be to ask your doctor for an antibiotic, it may not put you on the path to good health. Discover six common illnesses when antibiotics are the right choice.

5. Immunotherapy – a new technique for treating cancer – has made a name for itself in the oncology world as the latest medical breakthrough. Here’s what you need to know about the therapy, plus why one expert touts it as the next level of oncology care.