Sharecare Top 5: 6 Weird Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight, Your Brain on Sugar, Back-Friendly Exercises, and More

Sporty woman drinking detox smoothie

Sporty woman drinking detox smoothie

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1. You’ve ditched your bad diet habits, but the scale still won’t budge – what gives? Find out if any of these reasons are causing your weight loss dry spell.

2. Have you ever joked that you’re addicted to sugar? You could be for real. Emergency medicine physician Darria Long Gillspie, MD, explains how your brain fuels your craving for the sweet stuff — and three things you can do to stop it.

3. Strong back muscles can help reduce your risk for lower back pain, injuries and accidents. Discover which exercises a physician recommends for a sturdier back.

4. Nicer weather means more time outside – and more exposure to potentially harmful UV rays that could lead to skin cancer. Here’s everything you need to know to protect your skin this summer.

5. Do your hands ever feel numb and tingly? Find out what an orthopedic surgeon says   about when the sensation is normal and when it could signal a health problem that needs your doctor’s attention.