Sharecare Top 5: 7 Office Health Hazards to Avoid, Causes of Cancer That Aren’t Smoking, and More

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1. Americans spend a large chunk of their time at work, but just because it’s a familiar environment doesn’t mean it’s hazard-free. Whether eyestrain from long days on the computer or back problems from slipping on a wet floor in the break room, take precaution with these tips.

2. When you think of lung cancer, do you automatically assume that smoking is the cause? While that’s understandable, up to 20% of people with lung cancer are nonsmokers. Discover four things that can cause the disease that aren’t smoking-related – and how you can avoid them.

3. You’ve heard the healthy-eating-spiel for weight loss a million times before, but bet you haven’t heard that a good diet can slash your risk of rheumatoid arthritis. Discover how, plus which foods to put on your grocery list – and which to ditch.

4. Kids love coloring but, believe it or not, that same fun past time can work wonders for your health, too. Here are four reasons to pick up those crayons.

5. While the primary use of activity trackers may be to help users get in shape, that’s not all these wearable devices can do. Find out how one man’s doctors used the Fitbit on his wrist to treat his heart problem more effectively.