Sharecare Top 5: An App That Decodes Your Stress, Women’s Health Tips by the Decade, When to Get a Second Opinion and More

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This week on Sharecare we’re dishing out the details on an easy way to better manage your stress, helping you brush up on your health at every age and filling you in on whether you should get a second opinion.

1. Calling all Android users: Interested in getting exclusive — and FREE — insights into your stress levels? Sharecare is launching an app research study and you’re invited to join. Sign up now.

2. Abdominal pain hits everyone at some point — whether it’s heartburn, cramps or last night’s seafood dinner. Learn what may be the culprit behind the aches — and tips on how to treat it.

3. Ladies, taking care of your body involves more than just a routine physical. Discover when you should get important medical tests and find out how to look and feel younger with our guide to women’s health in your 20s, 30s, 40s and beyond.

4. Actress Rita Wilson was diagnosed with breast cancer — and had a double mastectomy — because she got a second opinion. But should you always get one? Find out when it’s a good idea and how to consult with another doctor.

5. Food poisoning from listeria has been making headlines all year. With Blue Bell Creameries recently pulling all its products from shelves, you may be a little worried. Get the facts about listeria contamination in food and what you can do to protect yourself.