Sharecare Top 5: Anti-aging Strategies That Work!

Everyone wants to live forever, but no one wants to get old. That’s why store shelves are filled with anti-aging moisturizers, serums and creams, and why people have nipped, tucked and whittled their faces and bodies into younger versions of themselves. But all the surgery and cold cream in the world mean nothing if you don’t take care of yourself. Try these easy, scalpel-free moves to look younger – and feel that way, too.

1. Take the RealAge Test: Never mind what your birth certificate says – this test, taken by millions of people over the past decade or so, assesses your health habits (good, bad and ugly) and comes up with the age your body thinks you are. (If you’re 24 going on 40, you might want to see a doctor.) According to Sharecare expert Michael Roizen, MD, Chief Wellness Officer for Cleveland Clinic (and one of the test’s creators), your health is largely determined by how well you take care of yourself, so you can slow your aging process by keeping track of your RealAge. In this video, Dr. Roizen takes us backstage at The Dr. Oz Show to explain some of the key lifestyle changes that will lower your RealAge.

2. Try Some Anti-Aging Superfoods: So-called superfoods – foods that are easy on calories but pack a mighty nutritional punch – are good for your body in many ways, and can even help you shed a few pounds. Worried about your memory? Try these expert-approved foods. And check out Dr. Mehmet Oz’s favorite anti-aging goodies.

3. Back Away From the Burger: Who doesn’t love a juicy hamburger? Well, your heart, for one. In fact, studies have shown that red meat-lovers are more likely than chicken or fish aficionados to die of cancer or heart disease. Processed meats, like bacon, hot dogs and sausage, carried the same extra risk. Try a turkey burger or a chicken dish – or build your entrée around beans or vegetables. It’ll make your heart happy. (Your tastebuds, too.)

4. Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff: Chronic stress can damp down your immune system, raise your blood pressure, and generally make life unpleasant. Fortunately, there are plenty of effective ways to ease the burden. Meditative exercises, like yoga, tai chi or qi gong, are time-tested approaches. Want to get started? Here’s an easy tai chi session, courtesy of instructor Karl Romaine.

5. Get Moving: Yes, we’re stating the obvious, but it’s critical: If you want to look and feel younger, you’ve got to start exercising. If you’re not much of an athlete, don’t stress (see above). You can get a great start on your day with a workout that takes less than 10 minutes. If working up a sweat doesn’t sound appealing, that’s no problem, either –  you can get big benefits by jumping into the pool. Bottom line: How you move doesn’t matter, so long as you do it. You can even get your heart pumping while cleaning your house! It’s a win-win: You get to say goodbye to the dust bunnies … and hello to the possibility of a few extra years.