Sharecare Top 5: Avoid Meltdowns, Give the Gift of Health and Stay Safe this Holiday Season

Happy Holiday Music

On Sharecare we’re letting you in on ways to beat the stress, sharing recipes that will satisfy your sweet tooth without expanding your waistline and giving you some expert safety tips — all in time for the holidays.

1. Hosting a holiday party? You’ll have everyone crowded around the snacks instead of under the mistletoe with these mouth-watering – and guilt-free – desserts.

2. From devices that track activity to sensors that give insight into sleep patterns, check out these high-tech health gadgets that make great stocking stuffers.

3. With presents to buy, family to entertain and cookies to bake, holiday prep can be overwhelming. If you’re feeling frazzled, check out these tips to tame the tension.

4. Too much eggnog can give you more than just a hangover. Get the scoop from Dr. Darria Long Gillespie on how excess partying can lead to what some experts call Holiday Heart Syndrome, and ways you can avoid it.

5. Doing some decorating? Putting up the tree? Watch out for holiday hazards that could turn a joyful time with loved ones into an unplanned trip to the ER.