Sharecare Top 5: Countdown to Summer Fun

With summer rapidly approaching, it’s time to swap winter coats for tank tops, boots for sandals, indoor gyms for the great outdoors – and, hopefully, those padded winter bodies for svelte, summer physiques. To make the most out of summer, explore new ways to be active and get fit, while sidestepping injury and sun damage. Here are five ways to have fun in the sun.

1. Pour, Then Slather: Consider this a two-for-one deal: While staying hydrated protects you from the inside (and offers surprising health benefits), the right sunscreen keeps you safe on the outside – cutting your risk of skin cancer, of course, and also preventing premature aging.

2. Try Something New: There are many outdoor sports that can get your heart pumping, but some are easier on your body than others. Cycling offers a great combination of benefits: It’s a terrific workout for your heart and the muscles in your lower half, but it doesn’t stress your knees. Check out Sharecare’s Cycling Center for tools and tips that can help you get the most out of the activity. If cycling isn’t your thing, golf might be a perfect way to enjoy the summer sun. And don’t think you’re just heading out for a stroll on the greens – taking up golf can be a great way to condition your body. In this video, Sharecare Fitness Expert, Ted Townes, explains how to get into the swing of things. Or just lace up your sneakers and head out the door, with help from Sharecare’s Walking Center.

3. Injury-Proof Your Summer: Good weather doesn’t last forever – don’t waste a minute cooped up with a sprain, strain or worse. Before you jump into your favorite sport, take our quiz to learn the keys to staying injury-free.

4. Get the Kids Involved: Children get lots of benefits from playing outdoors, says Michael Roizen, MD – just make sure they come home undamaged. Take this quiz to learn kids’ sports smarts.

5. Refresh Yourself: After a hard day of play, you’re going to be hungry – so take advantage of summer-ripe fruit to nourish your skin and keep it healthy and glowing. Find out which fruits have special anti-aging benefits here, then learn how to power up your summer salad so it provides extra nutritional oomph for fewer calories.