Sharecare Top 5: Curb Your Sugar Addiction, Foods That Fuel Weight Loss and White Lies That Can Harm Your Health

Two Women Eating Meal Together At Home

On Sharecare we’re helping you control your sweet tooth, sharing how to keep your love life alive and revealing why it pays to tell the truth at your doctor appointments.

1. A tasty treat here and there is fine, but overindulging in sweets can lead to a wider waistline and a number of health problems. Check out this video to create a plan to control cravings, and learn how to recognize foods with added sugars.

2. It’s easy to let your love life fizzle when you’re busy raising a family, but there are ways to keep the fire burning. Find out how with tips from sex therapist Ian Kerner.

3. Celery and carrots may be classic weight-loss foods, but you don’t have to sacrifice great taste for a slim waistline. Try these delicious fat-burning foods in addition to lots of fresh veggies.

4. Being completely honest with your physician about your habits may feel awkward, but it’s the only way to ensure that you get the care you need. Dr. Keith Roach shares the most common fibs people tell at the doctor’s office – and why it’s best to come clean.

5. Technology, work and stress can all lead to sleep disorders. Test your health IQ and see what you know about sound sleep – and how to get it – with our quiz.