Sharecare Top 5: Dinners Under 600 Calories, Strength Training for Beginners, and More

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Find out what has Sharecare members buzzing this week:

1. If you’ve tried on your swimsuit lately (we have!) and are a bit concerned (um, yes) – here’s help: 8 delicious dinner recipes that are easy on the calories, easy on your waistline – and super easy to make.

2. Become a leaner, stronger you! Join this newbie-friendly, Strength Training Challenge with how-tos from celebrity trainer David Buer. You can even cut 13 days off your RealAge!

3. Ladies, did you know you could have worse complications following a heart attack than men? Discover more facts about heart attacks in women, plus ways to reduce your risk.

4. What can you do about puffy eyes? Try these quick fixes from a top derm doc and you’ll be out the door without the baggage in a flash.

5. Nobody likes to sweat – but it’s critical to our body’s ability to stay cool. Discover five down and dirty facts about sweat – what’s normal, what’s not, and what to do about it.