Sharecare Top 5: Don’t Believe These 5 Anti-Aging Myths, Dr. Oz’s List of Foods That Boost Libido, When the Flu Becomes Dangerous, and More


Here’s what has Sharecare members buzzing this week:

1. Some people are at higher risk for developing serious flu complications than others. Find out if you’re in the high-risk category, which symptoms to watch for and when to get emergency treatment.

2. Bogus skin creams, the rap against workaholics, the happiness myth. We debunk five common anti-aging misconceptions and offer advice on what really works.

3. What you eat in the kitchen may add sizzle to your sex life in the bedroom. Discover which foods Oz says rev libido for a spicier love life.

4. With all the different types of yoga to choose from, it can be hard to decide which may be best for you. Before you hit the mat, check out this simple guide to common yoga styles.

5. Who doesn’t love to warm up with a steaming bowl of chili on cold-winter nights? Find out why chili is so good for you, plus eight ways make it even healthier.