Sharecare Top 5: Easy Ways to Be Good to Yourself

The holidays are over, but the stress of day-to-day life is not. This week, health-seekers on Sharecare are looking for easy ways to get back in the groove and still chillax.

1. Boost Your Resolve: If you find your resolve faltering just a few days into January, you’re not alone. Take the Sharecare Resolutions Solutions quiz to find out how you can stick to your healthy goals.

2. Dodge the Stress: Sharecare offers a unique way to melt away your tension. You’re going to like this one! Then, find out how much you know about stress-reducing tricks.

3. Sweat for Smarts? We all know that exercise can help you relax, but it can be good for the tired ol’ brain, as well. Find out how the experts suggest you try a little exercise to work your body and mind.

4. Rub Out the Kinks: One of the easiest ways to get rid of post-holiday stress and tension is to get a massage. Sharecare experts break down the benefits of a good rubdown, including relieving depression, decreasing pain and increasing circulation.

5. Sleep Away the Stress: If you’re a tense crankypants, blame it on a lack of sleep. The holidays can wreak havoc with the most regular sleep schedule. You might think that you can get by with less sleep, but the fact is most adults need 7 to 8 hours sleep a night. Find out how you can get a better night’s rest this year.