Sharecare Top 5: Ebola Virus Update, How Sunshine Boosts Mood, Benefits of Busy Hospitals


On Sharecare we’re keeping you informed on the latest Ebola news, shining some light on how sunshine can make you happy, and revealing why busy emergency rooms may give better care.

1. Anthony S. Fauci, MD, director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, gives the 411 on how close we are to developing a vaccine for Ebola.

2. Get the scoop from Dr. Oz, MD and Dr. Roizen, MD and on how soaking up sunshine can give you a burst of energy, better sleep and more alertness throughout your day.

3. When a medical emergency happens, do you go to a large ER where the waiting room always seems crowded? Or do you head to the quieter one where you could be seen more quickly? The busier emergency room may be your best bet. Find out why.

4. You know that eating right and exercising can help you stay healthy, but that’s not all it takes to live longer and look better. Watch this video from Dr. Oz, MD, to learn which bad habits to nix.

5. Prevent future age-related vision problems with these two easy tips from Dr. Roizen, MD, to protect your eyes and keep them youthful.