Sharecare Top 5: A Fat-Burning Beverage, Office Desk-ercises and More

Here’s what health-seekers on Sharecare were interested in this week:

1. Be a Skinny Sipper: There’s no such thing as a miracle weight-loss cure, but Dr.Oz’s fat-burning elixir comes close – and no need to visit Hogwarts to get the magic ingredients. This citrus-y potion is made up of items you may already have in the kitchen. Get the recipe for Dr. Oz’s fat-melting drink here.

2. The Multivitamin Debate: Is popping a multivitamin every day a good idea or a waste of a perfectly good swig of OJ? In fact, says Michael Roizen, MD, a multivitamin can be a great way to make up for nutrients that might be missing in your diet – as long as you take the right one. Here’s how to choose a multivitamin that’s best for you.

3. Skin-saving Savvy: You could go into debt stocking up on lotions and potions that claim to erase lines/plump wrinkles/banish age spots –  and some products really do help. But there are easier (and cheaper!) ways to turn back the clock and keep skin looking fresh and young. Learn some of our experts’ top secrets for youthful skin .

4. School Lunches That Make the Grade. Pop quiz: What kind of bread makes for the healthiest sandwich? What are ways to prep veggies that kids will actually eat? Which beverages are best for little brown baggers? Our experts have dozens of tips for making healthy lunches add up to happy meals. Find out what they are here – and get packing

 5. Work Out While You Work: Meetings, deadlines, clock-watching bosses – it can be hard to fit in fitness during a busy workday. To the rescue: Simple exercises you can do at your desk. They’ll even help you skip that trip to the vending machine.  Try these simple desk-ercises designed by Sharecare fitness experts.

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