Sharecare Top 5: Fit in Fitness During Pollen Season, The No.1 Cancer Killer in Women, 4 Health Habits You Can Take Too Far, and More


Learn how live your healthiest life with this week’s news and tips from Sharecare:

1. Did you know that drinking too much water could actually be bad for you? Or that sleeping in on weekends can increase your risk of certain diseases? Discover how these and other seemingly healthy habits could sabotage your health.

2. Here are six daily sex tips you won’t want to miss! In this boost-your-sex-life-challenge, sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD, offers simple, creative ways to break out of a libido limbo.

3. Ladies, you’ve heard about the risk factors of breast, ovarian and cervical cancers – but this silent killer has taken over as the leading cause of cancer-related deaths for women. Find out what it is – and ways to lower your risk.

4. Are you ready to bag your outdoor workouts, thanks to pollen bringing on seasonal allergy symptoms? Discover what you can do to cut down on the itchy eyes and runny nose – and still enjoy exercising outside.

5. Feel like you have no time – or energy – to make a family dinner or pull together some healthy school snacks for the kids? A well-stocked pantry can come to the rescue in a pinch. Here are six essentials you can’t do without.