Sharecare Top 5: Gauge Your Stress Levels, Weird Health Facts, the 411 on Adult Vaccines and More


This week on Sharecare we’re helping you take control of your stress, testing your health smarts and letting you know why you shouldn’t skip your vaccines — hint: it’s in your best interest.

1. Think you’re a whiz when it comes to random health info? Take our quiz to see how well you know these weird-but-true health facts.

2. Having trouble sleeping? You may occasionally down a drink or two to make you drowsy — but that may not have the desired effect. Find out why you should say no to nightcaps and what to do instead to catch the zzz’s you need.

3. Calling all Android users: Interested in getting a FREE look into the truth about your stress? Look no further. Sharecare is launching an app research study and you’re invited to join.

4. Vaccinations aren’t just for kids. They protect adults against serious and sometimes deadly germs that cause pneumonia, shingles, whooping cough and more. Find out which vaccines you need now and discover simple steps you can take to stay healthy.

5. Spring is in full swing — and so are your seasonal allergies. But that doesn’t mean you have to stay cooped up inside. Check out these natural treatments to relieve nasty allergy symptoms and start enjoying the nicer weather.