Sharecare Top 5: Healthy Holiday Food Guide, Spotting a Stroke, Everything You Need to Know about the Flu, and More



This week on Sharecare we’re filling you in on some important flu facts, helping you watch out for health hazards that can affect your grandchildren and letting you know which drugstore decongestant doesn’t work.

1. Thanksgiving is coming up and while you’re probably looking forward to all your favorite holiday dishes, you may be dreading the scale after the hefty meal. Find out how to cut some of the calories — but still enjoy the holidays — with these five smart food swaps.

2. Stuffy sinuses? You may want to avoid this OTC decongestant as a study shows it does very little — and in some cases nothing at all — to clear your clogged nose.

3. You may just shrug off that headache, but sometimes that seemingly benign pain may signal a stroke in your future. Learn to know when headaches can spell trouble.

4. Babysitting your grandchild is a great time for bonding and fun, but things can get scary if your little one gets hurt or sick. And while you’re probably not a rookie, it helps to be prepared. Here are 6 health problems that grandparents should keep on their radar.

5. You’re not immune to the flu — in fact, 5% to 20% of Americans get the flu each year — even though a vaccine exists for it. Get the 411 on this year’s flu predictions and what you need to know to stay well.