Sharecare Top 5: Healthy Must-Haves for Your Pantry, 5 Dirty Sweat Facts, and Dr. Oz’s Sugar Detox Challenge


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1. Want to cut your sugar consumption? Check out Oz’s Sugar Detox Challenge. Daily tips will help you limit sugar and curb your cravings. At the end of three weeks, you won’t even miss the sweet stuff!

2. Perhaps you’ve seen, or even tried, online recipes to make your own baby formula. While it sounds like a cool concept, homemade baby formula can actually put your child in serious danger. Two health experts explain why.

3. Over 5.3 million Americans live with Alzheimer’s disease – but there are things you can do to help lower your risk. Discover which brain-boosting fruit to add to your diet for a healthier noggin.

4. While sweating can be a nuisance — not to mention embarrassing at times — it’s crucial to keep your body cool. Check out more sweat facts, from which foods can trigger sweat to whether antiperspirants really work.

5. There’s no doubt that spring is finally here — but are your dry, brittle nails still stuck in winter? Watch this video for a simple way to get rid of chipped nails — and grow them longer and stronger.