Sharecare Top 5: Healthy Swaps for Cold-Weather Comfort Foods, 6 Surprising Heart Attack Triggers, 5 Fun Ways to Get Your Pumpkin Fix, and More



This week on Sharecare we’re helping you avoid heart trouble, filling you in on the dangers of processed meats and giving you the 411 on the latest hepatitis C news.

1. When it’s chilly, sometimes all you want to do is bundle up with a big blanket and a hearty meal. Unfortunately, many of our cold-weather favorites aren’t always the healthiest options. But you don’t have to give up comfort or taste: Try these healthy takes on some of the best comfort foods.

2. Road rage, the weather and even the sports you watch could cause you to have a heart attack. Discover what else can bring on a heart attack, as well as easy ways to keep your ticker strong.

3. Just because Halloween is behind us doesn’t mean pumpkins need to leave your porch — or your plate. Click through to learn about the health benefits of pumpkins and how to get your fill for the rest of the fall.

4. You probably know that bacon isn’t great for your overall health, but there’s even more bad news: The World Health Organization (WHO) issued a report labeling processed meats as “carcinogenic.” Learn more about the report and what it may mean for your diet.

5. Did you know that the deadliest infectious disease in the U.S. is hepatitis C? And if that’s not already alarming, hepatitis C rates and cases are on the rise — especially among baby boomers. Find out why and learn if you or a loved one should get screened.