Sharecare Top 5: Hidden Fat Traps, Late-Night-Texting Woes and How Your Man’s Health Could Support Marital Bliss

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On Sharecare we’re revealing sneaky sources of saturated fat, the trouble with teens’ late-night texting and what to do if your man’s grumpy attitude is bringing down your marriage. Check out five of our latest posts.

1. Even if you’ve ditched dairy and cut way back on red meat, you’re likely chowing down on more saturated fat than you think. Here’s Dr. Oz’s list of the top five offenders.

2. From sleep-texting to cyberbullying, get the 411 on how middle-of-the-night cellphone use can be influencing your teen’s mental health, REM cycle and concentration.

3. Men: According to a recent study, your health status and attitude may be putting a damper on your marriage. Find out how and ways to rekindle the romance.

4. Could your complexion use a pick-me-up? Watch this video for an easy plan, from the best skin-care products to the right way to moisturize, for radiant skin.

5. Most people don’t take their heartburn meds correctly. Don’t be one of them. If you suffer from heartburn or GERD, avoid the common mistakes with these tips on how to get the relief you need.