Sharecare Top 5: How Walking May Boost Longevity, Bad Habits That Wreck Your Teeth, Healthy Hair 101, and More


This week on Sharecare we’re sharing the secret to a longer and more independent life, giving you the latest info on an Ebola vaccine, testing your hair smarts and helping you improve your oral health.

1. Want an easy way to stay mobile and improve your quality of life as you age? Go for a walk. Find out why making it a habit keeps you healthy into your golden years and get tips to help you start.

2. Eating nuts can improve your heart health, lower cholesterol levels and even help you live longer. Discover what other benefits different nuts have as well as ways to enjoy them in moderation — think a handful, not a bowlful.

3. Think you know everything there is to know about hair maintenance – such as how often you should wash your locks? Take our quiz to see if you need to brush up on your hair care knowledge.

4. Healthy, white teeth can take years off your appearance. Check out these common habits — from sipping sugary sodas to chewing on pen caps — you should steer clear of for a brighter smile.

5. Last week we shared some important lessons learned from the Ebola epidemic — this week we’re filling you in on a new vaccine that’s been proven effective against the deadly disease. Get more details about this promising vaccine.