Sharecare Top 5: How Your Zip Code Affects Your Health, Your Exercise Wake-up Call, and Tips to Get Younger in Just 5 Minutes

This week on Sharecare we’re offering insight on how location can affect your well-being, giving you easy ways to lower your RealAge and sharing advice on how to shape up your fitness routine.

1. It’s easy to make excuses for not exercising — but this may put you at risk for serious diseases down the road. Check out these five reasons to stop hitting the snooze button on your exercise alarm clock.

2. Location doesn’t just matter when it comes to real estate — it impacts your health, too. Find out where people have the best diets, are the most positive and the least stressed. How does your city compare?

3. Taking care of your body isn’t a sprint. Instead, think of it more as a lifelong marathon. And your daily activities count way more than you think. Try these ways to feel healthier — and knock years off your RealAge — in only five minutes a day.

4. Remission for rheumatoid arthritis is possible, but unfortunately much too rare. But don’t get discouraged: Discover some smart things you can do to ensure that you get the best treatment and the best chance of beating RA.

5. Summer may be nearing an end, but you’re still probably taking a refreshing dip in that pool. Did you know that some of the biggest water dangers are so small you need a microscope to see them? Test your IQ on these dangerous pool pests.