Sharecare Top 5: Instant Energy Boosters

Whether your energy crisis is due to lack of sleep, stress, poor nutrition or something larger, Sharecare has the right resources. Here’s where Sharecare users are going for help:

1.  Get a Jolt Without the Joe: Ditch the coffee and energy drinks, says Kate Geagan, RD. Instead, think “food first.” In this video, Geagan offers up some healthy snack ideas that can help you recharge naturally.

2.  Study Up: Sure, you could be feeling just plain old tired. But a chronic lack of energy can signal a thyroid problem, anemia or other condition. Visit Sharecare’s Energy Boosters Center to learn what’s behind your energy slump – and if it’s time to see a doc.

3. Take Action: It’s easy to sit back and do nothing when you’re dragging your wagon – but too much inactivity can make you feel even worse. Recharge your batteries with this 11-step energy action plan.

4. Just Breathe: Pumping your lungs with fresh oxygen is key to feeling more energy. In this video, Mehmet Oz, MD, shows you how you can get more bang for your energy buck with your breath.

5. Quiz Yourself: How much do you know about your energy levels? Test your energy IQ and learn quick ways to rev up with Sharecare’s Instant Energy Boosters Quiz.