Sharecare Top 5: Lose the Post-Baby Weight

Kate Middleton is the latest celebrity to fall under the post-baby-weight microscope. When she emerged from hospital with baby and belly bulge in tow, social media sites lit up with the question, “How soon will Kate lose her baby weight?” Though the spotlight may be different, the pressure can be the same for new moms who see celebrities back to their pre-prego bodies before their baby’s first photo-op. So, how should new moms go about slimming down? Here are five tips to help lose those leftover prenatal pounds for good.

1. Pace Yourself
It’s so easy to look at the latest pregnant celeb and want to return to your pre-pregnant body as quickly as they did, but a more realistic timeline is at least eight to 12 months after delivery. If it took nine months to gain the weight, it will at least take that amount of time to lose it. Find programs like Transform You2 that will help you on your weight-loss journey with 16 weeks of expert advice, quick tips and a personalized workout plan – or stop by our Fitness Center for more toning moves, cardio routines and tips. Try to focus on getting fit for good health instead of losing weight quickly. In this video, fitness expert, Tony Horton explains how regular exercise makes you feel better from the inside out.

2. Get Some Sleep
We know, we know. Telling a new mom to get enough zzzs is like telling a newborn not to cry. But getting a good night’s rest once your baby starts sleeping through the night helps your body burn fat for fuel. People who sleep at least 6 to 8 hours a night burn at least 114 calories, which equals about 10 pounds a year! Getting some shut-eye also lowers hunger hormones in your system – ghrelin and cortisol. Keeping these two hormones under control will help you lose some of those post-baby pounds. In this video, Dr. Caroline Apovian shares why sleep is one of three important pillars for weight-loss.

3. Breastfeed (If You Can)
While nursing shouldn’t be your only weight loss strategy, it does help. Breastfeeding can burn on average 500 calories a day, which equates to almost a pound a week! Stop by our Healthy Baby Center to discover more benefits to breastfeeding.

4. Supermoms Need Superfoods
Mothers today are the masters of multi-tasking. But while you’re more powerful than a dirty diaper, faster than a crawling baby and able to do a load of laundry in a single bound, you’ll still need to refuel and the best way to do that is by eating superfoods. These low-calorie foods, such as red lentils, eggs, bananas and cherries, are packed with the nutrients you need to keep energy high. Some superfoods even have belly-blasting powers to help you shed that new mommy tummy without doing a single crunch.

5. Love Your Body Before You Diet
Though your post-pregnancy body may look a bit different from its pre-pregnancy heyday, loving it as it is can actually boost your chances of weight-loss success. Stay away from “fat talk,” which only bolsters a negative self-image and muscles out your motivation to lose those extra pounds. Instead, focus on what your body is capable of and its strengths – like birthing a brand new human being! Check out more ways to improve your body image and wear that post-pregnancy body like a badge of honor.