Sharecare Top 5: Make Your Resolutions Stick!

Health-seekers on Sharecare are preparing for the New Year, searching for information that will help them make and keep their New Year’s resolutions. Try the following tips to help make your resolutions a reality:

1. Let’s Get Real: Yes, we all want world peace, but when you’re making personal resolutions, keep them realistic and specific, says John C. Norcross, PhD, author of Changeology. “Vague goals beget vague resolutions. Grandiose goals beget resignation,” he says.

2. Don’t Fall for the Motivation Myth: Many people want to change but think they lack motivation. Joshua C. Klapow, PhD, says this is false. “If you want to be healthy, then you already have some level of motivation,” Klapow says. “You may not have enough to carry you through to reach your goal right now, but you are definitely motivated enough to get started.” And getting started is half the battle!

3. See It to BE It: Use visualization to help you obtain your goals. If weight loss is your aim, try imagining yourself at your goal weight instead of imagining the hurdles you might face. “Successful resolvers visualize the rewards of success,” says Norcross, “while unsuccessful resolvers visualize the penalties of failure.” Think success!

4. Change Your Environment: Take a look at the space around you and see how you can make changes at home and work to set yourself up for resolution success. NASM elite trainer Theresa Adams, RN suggests some home environment changes such as: “Remove the clothes hanging from your treadmill. Throw away your junk food. Fill your home with fresh fruits and vegetables, whole grains and better food choices. Find your workout space within your home, get it ready to use, and use it.”

5. Reward Your Successes: Plan rewards along the way to celebrate the progress you are making. Don’t forget to celebrate the little victories. “Reward each baby step taken toward the bigger, overall step,” says Norcross. “You will not reach the final goal overnight, so plan to reinforce each and every successive baby step toward it.”

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