Sharecare Top 5: “Mom Always Said…” But Was She Always Right?

Were Mom’s little health nuggets really good for you? This week, health-seekers were looking for answers about home remedies and quick cures:

1. An Apple a Day: It turns out there is some credence to the phrase “An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Eating apples can lower your blood pressure, help prevent diabetes, and keep certain cancers at bay. But apples need some company. Dietitians recommend a balanced diet filled with many different fruits to pack a nutritional, immune-boosting punch. Find out more.

2. Can Chicken Soup Cure a Cold? While the traditional sickbed staple can’t cure all that ails you, chicken soup has many properties that can ease cold and flu symptoms. Sharecare experts explain how chicken soup can make you feel better when you are sick.

3. Put a Little Heat on It, Honey. Mom loved that old hot water bottle, but what about ice? The heat vs. ice question has been argued over for decades. If you hurt yourself, should your remedy be hot or cold? Vonda Wright, MD, has the answer to that age-old question.

4. Don’t Forget Your Hat or You’ll Catch a Cold! Your mom may have told you never to go outside without a hat. Her theory was that you lose most of your body heat through your head. Was she right? Sharecare’s experts have the answer to where the heat really escapes your body.

5. Early to Bed and Early to Rise… These days it’s more like late to bed and early to rise for most of us. But Mom was right about getting a good night’s sleep. Here, Sharecare’s experts have the answer to how much sleep you really need.