Sharecare Top 5: Not Your Usual Valentine’s Day Tip, 3 Mindset Shifts That Boost Weight Loss, 5 Bogus Health Myths, and More


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1. Can you catch a cold from going outside with wet hair? Does spicy food lead to stomach ulcers? Learn the facts and ease your worries about common health fables.

2. Dropping unwanted pounds can be tough, and negative self-talk doesn’t make it any easier. Use these three mental strategies to get closer to your weight loss goal.

3. Who wouldn’t like to give their love life a boost? Watch this video from sex therapist Sari Cooper to learn one simple way to turn up the heat on your relationship.

4. This winter’s blizzards have taken a toll on the roads, damaged homes, caused power outages and even claimed lives. Find out what you need to know to stay safe before, during and after a winter storm.

5. Are you on caffeine overload? How about your kids? Even if kids don’t drink coffee, they may have more caffeine in their diets than you suspect. Learn about the potential health problems – and which foods to avoid.