Sharecare Top 5: Osteoarthritis vs. Psoriatic Arthritis, Icky Back to School Problems, 6 Body Issues Explained, and More


This week on Sharecare we’re helping you decipher your joint pain, filling you in on the latest salmonella outbreak and clueing you in on where to get the care you need when you’re sick.

1. Ever look in the mirror and notice you’ve put on a little weight or that your hair seems a bit thinner than it was yesterday? Maybe you’ve asked yourself, “Am I normal?” Check out some common problems and what they may mean for your health.

2. School is back in full swing. While that may mean more quiet time in the house, it can also mean more germs for your kids to bring back home. Whether you’re dealing with head lice, pink eye or even stinky gym clothes, discover these tips that can help.

3. Got a cucumber in the fridge? Before you slice it for your salad or sandwich, you may want to do some sleuthing to make sure it’s safe. Get the latest news on the national salmonella outbreak that’s tied to cucumbers imported from Mexico.

4. You know you have joint pain, but you may not know why. Could it potentially be osteoarthritis — or maybe psoriatic arthritis? Learn more to figure out what condition you may have, which can lead to better treatment.

5. When you’re not feeling well, the only thing you want to do is feel better. But it can be tough to know where to go to get the care you need. Use this cheat sheet to help you decide whether you need the emergency room, an urgent care clinic or to call your doctor.