Sharecare Top 5: Say Goodbye to Belly Flab, Derm Tips for Smooth, Glowing Skin, and Sneaky Signs of Heart Problems


Get the scoop on the latest health tips and advice from Sharecare:

1. It’s mid-February – how’s that New Year’s weight loss resolution coming along? If you’re a bit stalled, you’re not alone. Get back on track with these 9 steps to blast belly fat.


2. Is the usual “drink more water” and “eat a healthy diet” skincare advice just not making a difference? Get ready for a fresher face with these 7 expert-recommended tips for smooth, glowing skin.


3. You know the drill about brushing and flossing daily for good oral health – but did you there’s a food that helps keep gums pink and healthy? Learn what it is in this video.


4. If you don’t show classic heart disease symptoms you may think you’re in the clear. But these five surprising signs could spell trouble for your ticker.


5. After a long day at work, it can be tempting to plop on the couch, reach for a bag of chips and turn on the tube. But research shows the chillin’ life isn’t just bad for your health – it can have a surprising effect on your brain.