Sharecare Top 5: Say Goodbye to Embarrassing Sleep Problems, Solve Skin Issues, The Hazards of High Heels, and More

junges paar entspannt im bettThis week on Sharecare we’re helping you take care of common skin conditions, explaining why you may want to take a break from platform high-heels (flats can be just as cute and way more comfy!) and giving you the lowdown on everything you need to know about a surprising disease.

1. Skin problems — even small ones — can be embarrassing. If you’re looking to ease your discomfort, check out these six common cosmetic concerns and get doctor-recommended tips on how to clear your skin.

2. Mitochondrial disease refers to hundreds of conditions — but the symptoms mimic a wide range of other conditions, making it tough to diagnose. Learn how to cut through the confusion about these mystifying disorders.

3. Some people with sleep issues have no problem falling asleep. It’s what they do in their sleep that’s problematic. Discover how you can put an end to these embarrassing sleep problems.

4. Ladies, you may love your favorite pair of heels, but your body may be crying out in agony. Find out more about injuries caused by high heels and how they can sometimes lead to long-term damage.

5. If you or a loved one lives with psoriasis, easing the physical symptoms is a top concern. But find out why taking care of your mental health should be just as important.