Sharecare Top 5: 6 Surprising Migraine Triggers, Good News for Your Heart and Tips for Healthier Joints This Winter


On Sharecare we’re serving up tips in honor of Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, help for stiff joints in cold weather, and a quick way to lower your risk of heart disease.

1. Don’t wait until New Year’s to pledge a healthier lifestyle–start now. Watch this video to see how health trackers, apps and wearables can give your body and mind a boost.

2. The end of the year means fireside conversations, hot cocoa and holiday cheer. Unfortunately for many, it also means joint soreness brought on by colder temperatures. You can’t change the weather, but eliminating these seven foods from your diet may improve how your joints feel.

3. Even if you steer clear of all common migraine triggers, there’s still a chance you’ll get a mind-splitting headache. Find out some surprising things that may set off the throbbing and how you can get a handle on migraine pain.

4. Whether you or a loved one has Alzheimer’s disease, living with the dreaded condition can be exhausting. Check out these five important lessons from our experts on how to make caring for those with Alzheimer’s just a little bit easier.

5. Eating fruits isn’t just great for your waistline; your heart also reaps major benefits. Pump up your heart health with these simple tips–including how to get more fruit in your diet–from Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen.