Sharecare Top 5: Sleep Better to Lower Stroke Risk, 6 Weird Facts About Adult Acne, Lessons from the Largest Ebola Outbreak in History and More


This week on Sharecare we’re giving you expert tips to sleep tight, filling you in on what’s to blame for your breakouts (as well as tips to get rid of them) and helping you know if your psoriatic arthritis is out of control.

1. Weighed down with acne woes? You’re not alone — adult acne is much more common than you think. Click through to discover some bizarre facts about zits and learn what you can do lower your chances of an acne attack.

2. Bad sleeping habits don’t just wreck your attention and energy levels — poor sleep is now linked to higher stroke and heart attack risk. Check out these tips to help you rest easier.

3. Most of the panic associated with the Ebola epidemic has long cooled down in the United States, but is it still a concern for the future? Find out what a CDC Ebola expert has to say on the most recent outbreak — and whether you should be worried.

4. The best way to get relief from psoriatic arthritis is with the right treatment for you. Discover which warning signs could mean you need consider a different medication.

5. High blood sugar speeds up aging, but a handful of these can help keep your levels low. Watch this video to learn what healthy snack you should nibble on for a longer life.