Sharecare Top 5: Small Changes for Big Weight Loss, Tracking Your Psoriasis Triggers, and 6 Signs Your Child Should Go to the ER


This week on Sharecare we’re helping you spot symptoms in your little one that may mean an ER trip, make smarter eating choices to cut calories and manage your psoriasis pains.

1. A sick child can be a scary thing — especially for new parents. Often you only need to make a quick call to your pediatrician, but when certain signs and symptoms strike, it may be time to head to the hospital. Learn what you should watch out for when you have a child feeling under the weather.

2. Controlling your psoriasis flare-ups and symptoms can be tough. One of the easiest ways to better manage your condition is by keeping tabs on what triggers them. Try these three smart tracking strategies and become better equipped to speak to your doctor about treatment.

3. Losing weight doesn’t have to mean eating foods that taste like cardboard. Check out these mealtime tricks — from ditching white bread to picking the right fruit — that can help you eat healthier and slim down.

4. Need some fitness inspiration? Discover what these Sharecare experts have to say about staying active during the summer and get the scoop on how you can shape up and feel great, too.

5. Being a caregiver to someone suffering from rheumatoid arthritis can be difficult. Find out how you can better respond to your loved one’s RA pain with these four caregiving tips and tricks.