Sharecare Top 5: Prevent Skin Cancer

Summer is less than a month away—which means more time for the beach, lounging by the pool and simply enjoying the outdoors. But while basking in the sun feels great, it can do some serious harm to your skin. Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer among Americans, and while sun exposure is the primary culprit, it isn’t the only cause. You may think you know the drill, but here are five simple tips that can help keep your skin safe and cancer-free.

Slather up before you buckle up: Most skin cancers occur on the left side of the face—the driver’s side—so be sure to apply sunscreen before you hop in the car. In this video, dermatologist Ellen Marmur, MD, shares some other surprising risk factors for skin cancer.

Grab a shot glass: When it comes to sunscreen, you need more, not less — and most people don’t use enough. So try this trick: Fill a shot glass with sunscreen and slather it on. Here’s what else you need to know to get the most from your sunscreen.

Take a coffee break: Here’s another reason to enjoy your cup of joe: Coffee can prevent skin cancer. In fact, three or more cups a day can reduce basal cell carcinoma by up to 20%. Dr. Oz explains why in this Health Smarts video.

Get out your cell phone: Help your dermatologist spot warning signs of skin cancer by doing regular self exams. Use your cell phone camera to snap photos of moles and other troublesome spots (place a dime next to them to show scale). Not sure what to look for? Follow the ABCs and Ds.

Take the SkinAge test: Nothing ages your skin like sun damage. Take our free assessment to see how well you’re protecting your skin.

For more tips, check out Sharecare’s Skin Cancer Center.