Sharecare Top 5: Stop Morning Stress, Tone Allover with the Do-Anywhere Workout, and Your BMI – a Total Lie?


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1. A recent study raises important questions about what your BMI says about your health. Researchers found that some within the “obese” range were healthier than some in the “normal” range. What gives? Here’s what one bariatric surgeon had to say.

2. If your mornings resemble the Running of the Bulls as you sprint out the door for work, it’s time to get a grip. Check out these easy tips from Darria Long Gillespie, MD and add some sanity to your morning rush.

3. How healthy is the city where you live? Sharecare used results from the RealAge Test to see where the healthiest people live in the US – as well as the unhealthiest. See if your city made our list.

4. Can’t squeeze in your workouts because you can’t get to the gym? Good news! The closest gym is right in your own home. Tone allover with this 20-minute Do-Anywhere Workout.

5. You already know that exercise and diet can impact your diabetes – but did you know that winter weather could affect it, too? Learn four ways to keep blood sugar under control when the temperature drops.