Sharecare Top 5: Stress Munchies, Taking Care of the Girls & More

Here’s what health-seekers on Sharecare were interested in this week:

1. A Sneaky Trick to Stop Stress Eating: Most of us have been guilty of it at one point or another: Tensions run high and without realizing it, we start reaching for the potato chips or a candy bar. Next time, fitness expert Lisa Lynn says try this: Take some deep breaths before you take the first bite.  That moment of focused calm gives you time to think about how you’re feeling and whether chowing down is really what you want and need. Get more stop-the-stress-eating tips .

2. Keeping A-Breast of Your Health: Are you wearing the right bra size? How often should you perform a breast self-exam? Our health experts get asked these questions so often on Sharecare that we created a test to see how much you know about keeping the girls happy and healthy. Take the Breast Health Quiz.

3. The Natural Way to Whiter Teeth? You may have heard of the old home remedy of using baking soda and lemon juice to whiten your teeth. According to Sharecare experts this home remedy not only doesn’t work, it is a big fat no-no. The combination can be abrasive and erode away at the enamel on your teeth. Brighten your smile the (safe) natural way.

4. Be a Daydream Believer: If you’ve recently sat at your desk dreaming of a hammock under the palm trees … you’re not alone. Most of us indulge in a little daydreaming now and then. In fact, according to Mehmet Oz, MD, that’s not such a bad thing. It turns out that daydreams are more than just a break from your daily life. Learn how to daydream your brain into tip-top shape.

5. If You Bite It, Write It: Who hasn’t indulged in some pretty fantastical diet aids while fighting the battle of the bulge?  But the truth is, there’s one simple strategy that really does help you be mindful of and accountable for what you are putting in your mouth. And it’s small enough to fit into your purse. Find out why food journaling works.

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