Sharecare Top 5: Stroke Risk Factors Women Should Know, Dr. Oz’s Favorite Veggie Burger Recipes and How to Spot Skin Cancer


This week on Sharecare, we’re recognizing American Stroke Month by helping women understand risk factors, dishing on three delicious but healthy veggie burger recipes and teaching you how to identify potentially cancerous moles.

1. Did you know that women have higher odds of stroke in their lifetime than men? And while some risk factors can’t be controlled – such as race or age – there are things you can do to lower your chances of having one. Click through to find out your risk – as well as ways to prevent it.

2. If you’re looking to stay slim this bathing-suit season, you may have already slashed burgers from your diet list. But don’t give up on them just yet. Check out these three healthy veggie burgers that will satisfy any burger craving without upping your waistline.

3. Is that suspicious mole melanoma – or the less alarming basal cell or squamous cell carcinoma? Find out how to detect what could be a cancerous mole or lesion with this simple guide.

4. Are you and your hubby thinking about trying for a baby? You should start treating your body like it’s pregnant at least three months before conceiving. Discover 11 things you should do to get healthy before getting pregnant.

5. You know it’s important to stay in shape year-round, but it can be tough to deal with the heat from the summer months. Try cycling. It’s a fun workout option that can help you stay cool. Watch this video to learn how cycling for just five minutes a day can boost your fitness and even help with weight loss.