Sharecare Top 5: The 411 on Salon Safety, How to Banish Bad Breath and an Easy Tip to Lower Your Blood Pressure

Woman at the hair salon

On Sharecare we’re sharing tips for fresher breath, filling you in on a quick trick to reduce hypertension – a.k.a. high blood pressure – and revealing ways to avoid a salon visit mishap.

1. If you missed Chocolate-Covered Nuts Day on February 25th, don’t worry: This delicious treat is good for you all year. Grab a handful and discover what this crunchy snack can do for your health.

2. Want to avoid the embarrassment of bad breath? Keep your breath fresh all the time with these simple tips from Dr. Mehmet Oz.

3. Test your knowledge of the dangers that lurk in salons, from unsterilized beauty tools to products that can cause fungus. Plus, find out what you can do to minimize these health hazards.

4. If you live with high blood pressure, every little bit counts toward living a healthier lifestyle. Find out how sipping tea on a daily basis can help your hypertension numbers fall.

5. Looking to lower your stress level? It helps to know how it gets activated in the first place. Dr. Michael Roizen, author of This Is YOUR Do-Over, explains the cycle that sets us off – and his no-fail way to ease the tension.