Sharecare Top 5: The Latest Happiness Research, Beating Belly Bloat, and Preventing a Holiday Heart Attack

woman belly abdomen

This week on Sharecare we’re helping you stop stomach bloating in its tracks, sharing advice on how to stick with your exercise goals and giving you tips to a heart-healthy winter season.

1. Good news for grumps: A new study turns on its head the conventional wisdom that unhappiness can lead to a range of health woes and premature death. While we don’t advocate living in misery, these findings point to what can affect your life span.

2. Want to maintain your exercise goals over the holidays but not sure how? Whether it’s at the gym or at home, these expert tips can help you stay fit through the festivities.

3. We all want to enjoy the holiday festivities, but after a certain amount of noshing, eating and imbibing, you may start to feel uncomfortably full. Nicole Fearing, MD, shares simple ways to stop the bloat before it starts.

4. Even innocent activities like cooking, decorating and shopping ’til you drop can lead to injuries, exhaustion and other cheer-zapping health problems. Get tips from top experts on how to stay safe and healthy this holiday season.

5. The holidays are a time of celebration with family and friends, making merry. But for some, it may also lead to increased heart attack risk. Here are six things you can do to steer clear of potential heart attack triggers and keep your ticker going strong.