Sharecare Top 5: The Latest on Ebola, Ways to Slow Hair Loss and the Cancer-Busting Benefits of Exercise

Loss hair comb in women hand

On Sharecare we’ve got your health news covered with updates on the Ebola virus, four tricks to reduce hair loss and how exercise can help you fend off breast cancer.

1. Ebola’s been the global hot topic for a few months, but since the CDC confirmed the first U.S. case last week, this news hits closer to home. From how it spreads to who’s at risk, get the latest on this deadly disease.

2. Noticing more hair in the shower drain these days? No need to panic. Whether you’re a man or a woman, watch this video by Dr. Mehmet Oz, MD, to get the scoop on how to keep your hair from falling out – regardless of your age.

3. We’re kicking off Breast Cancer Awareness Month with some good news: Research shows that an hour of exercise every day may help keep breast cancer at bay. Even more encouraging? You can reap the benefit regardless of what age or weight you are when you start becoming active.

4. Stress isn’t just increasing your blood pressure and anxiety – it may also be widening your waistline. For a healthier, happier and thinner you, follow these tips from Dr. Oz and Michael Roizen, MD, to tame chronic stress and avoid belly fat.

5. You may be quick to blame your year-round allergies on the weather, mold or dust. But there are some pretty unusual triggers that could be setting off your coughing and sneezing. Watch out for these unexpected causes of allergy flare-ups.