Sharecare Top 5: The Lowdown on Going Gluten-free, Dangerous Diets and More

This week health seekers turned to Sharecare to sort out the truth about some of 2013’s newest and resurfacing health trends. Get the skinny on 5 health trends we’ve been watching.

1. Going Gluten-free: Turning to a gluten-free diet has become a popular choice as more and more Americans are diagnosed with Celiac disease or discover that they are gluten intolerant. But the diet is not a go-to weight-loss tool for all. In fact, you may gain weight on a gluten-free diet depending on your circumstances. Read what our experts have to say before you go gluten-free.

2. Your Own Body Weight for Training: Using the weight of your own body is a cost-effective way to work out, but according to the National Academy of Sports Medicine, you have to be at a certain level of fitness to get in shape this way. See what Sharecare experts recommend when it comes to body weight training.

3. Know a Dangerous Diet When You See One: Each new year brings with it a trendy new fad diet – from the feeding tube diet to HCG. Sharecare experts break down how to tell a dangerous fad diet from the real thing.

4. Energy in a Bottle: Yes or No? Energy drinks promise a quick fix for your fatigue, but consumers are starting to wonder if they’re safe. Sharecare experts give you the 411 on whether you should go to energy drinks when you’re feeling blah.

5. Cosmetic Surgery Fact and Fiction

Many of us have something we would like to change about our bodies. If you’re thinking about having some “work done,” be sure you know what’s safe and what’s not. Take the Sharecare Nip and Tuck quiz for a cosmetic surgery refresher course.

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