Sharecare Top 5: The Scoop on Superbugs, How Marriage Helps Your Heart and Ways to Get Rid of Back Pain


On Sharecare we’re giving you the 411 on scary antibiotic-resistant bacteria, showing you the heart-healthy perks of a great spouse and sharing quick tips to prevent back aches.

1. Superbugs don’t just sound scary – they really are. Get the lowdown on these drug-resistant organisms and learn more about how dangerous they could be for your health.

2. Marriage is good for you, and not just in the Valentine’s Day, romantic kind of way. Learn why your spouse could be key to your good health.

3. Medications aren’t your only option to deal with psoriasis scales and bumps. Check out these six natural ways to better manage your symptoms.

4. Looking to improve your overall wellness? Find out how a health buddy can be a powerful tool to transform your health.

5. Research confirms that modern life habits – such as texting and sitting at a desk all day – are major triggers for common back pain. Dr. Mehmet Oz and Dr. Mike Roizen give you steps to protect your back.