Sharecare Top 5: The Secrets to Getting Serious About Weight Loss

OMG Weight Scale

As we say goodbye to January, some Sharecare users are taking a moment to re-commit to their New Year’s resolution to lose weight (remember that one?). Here’s where they’re getting some fresh inspiration:

1. Weight-loss Experts at Your Service: People serious about weight loss have been checking out Sharecare’s trainers, registered dietitians, experts on behavior change, and online influencers. In January, Sharecare introduced the Top Online Influencers in Weight Loss10 real-world digital activists who are driving the conversation on healthy weight loss on the Internet.

2. Track It! Studies show that those who track what they eat can lose twice as much weight as those who don’t. That’s why people are checking out Sharecare Fitness, where they can log their activity, food consumption, and weight loss and count the calories they’re burning, whether from a serious workout or cleaning the house. 

3. Sharecare Weight Loss HQ: For those who need a friendly kick in the butt to get moving on their weight loss journey, the Sharecare Weight Loss Center has tips to get started safely – from how to set weight loss goals to learning the habits of successful long-term losers.

4. Quiz Yourself! This week, Sharecare visitors have been taking the 20 Ways to Lose Weight Quiz from weight-loss expert James O. Hill, PhD. For decades, this guy has tracked what works (and what doesn’t) when it comes to keeping weight off.

5. Get Some Health Smarts: Grab some fat-free popcorn and turn on a video. Those inspired to make health lifestyle changes have been checking out Sharecare’s Health Smarts video series’ weight-loss playlist for tips on shedding pounds from experts such as Mehmet Oz, MD, Robin Miller, MD, and more.