Sharecare Top 5: The Truth About ADHD

Loud, screaming  young boyCould you or your child have ADHD? It’s possible: About 1 in 10 kids under 17 and roughly 4% of adults have the condition. And because many cases go diagnosed, those numbers could be even higher. Here are five things you can do to learn more about ADHD and how to live with it.

1. Visit the Sharecare ADHD Center: Find out all you need to know about ADHD symptoms and treatment – plus helpful tips for living with ADHD – in the Sharecare ADHD Center. You can even join an ADHD community support group through Sharecare’s sister site DailyStrength.

2. Take the Quiz: For adults with ADHD, knowing how to manage symptoms can make a big difference in their relationships, career and health. Test your knowledge of ADHD symptoms and treatments with the Sharecare ADHD Quiz to learn more about managing this condition.

3. Separate Fact From Fiction: Confused by too much contradictory advice? Uncover some common myths about ADHD here.

4. Get Help for Digital Distractions: Can use of the Internet and cell phones worsen adult ADHD? Sharecare experts weigh in of the effect technology can have on ADHD.

5. Start Healthy Habits: Medication isn’t the only way to treat ADHD. Research shows that adding healthy habits such as eating well, exercising and getting enough sleep can help people with ADHD manage their symptoms. Find out how lifestyle changes affect ADHD symptoms here.