Sharecare Top 5: The Zika Virus, Car Seat Safety, How to Heat Up Your Love Life, and More


Here’s what Sharecare members are talking about this week:

1. Parents, listen up: Over the past week baby product maker Britax, recalled more than 75,000 car seats due to defective car handles. Learn more about the recall and learn what you can do to keep your child safe.

2. The Zika virus is all over the news, but should you be worried? Watch this video from Dr. Oz to learn about the fast- spreading, mosquito-borne virus, including how it’s transmitted and ways to protect yourself from infection. For more info, check out our Zika Virus Topic Page.

3. Scheduling sex sounds like the unsexiest thing a couple can do — right? Surprisingly, it’s quite the opposite. Find out why from Darria Gillespie, MD and sex therapist Ian Kerner, PhD.

4. Having a spa day may seem like the best way to relieve stress, but there are easier – and cheaper! – ways to feel calm. Watch this video to learn a quick trick that can help take off the pressure.

5. The Presidential race is heating up – and so are the candidates. We tested Sharecare’s new app on the latest Republican debate to measure candidate stress levels. Find out who kept their cool – and who didn’t.